Jul 3, 2009

How to Kill a Relationship

Relationship Killers: 8 Things You Should Never Say

We are all going to fight sometimes in our Relationships, but whether we fight fair is another story. Avoid these phrases and you'll be one step closer to a happier, healthier relationship.

Are the following phrases part of your vocabulary when dealing with the love of your life? Get rid of these fighting words from your love lingo and you’ll reap the rewards. Don’t do this, and your relationship just might meet the grim reaper!

“Then I guess we shouldn’t be dating!” You wouldn’t tell your boss you’re quitting your job unless you meant it, would you? But sometimes, in a tough relationship, people are tempted to pull out the nuclear option just to get the other person off their backs: “If you don’t like the way I season meat, then you’ll never understand me! We should just break up now!”

Save your breakup talk for when you truly want to end a relationship, not as a rhetorical weapon. Otherwise, you will risk your match taking you up on the offer and leaving you crying over beer for one.

“Why can’t you be just like my ex?” We all have people that have taught us what we do and don’t like in Relationships. But the person you’re being with now wants to feel special, not like the sequel to a bad romantic comedy. Don’t make it sound as though you’re living in the past. Tell your current love specifically how you feel and what you want, but in the context of the present time.

“I’m just too tired from working hard all day to help you with that.” Of course, you’re not lying – you most probably did get exhausted from rushing around and dealing with your boss all day. But now, when most men and women have taxing jobs outside the home, this is the lamest excuse in the book. Remember, the man or woman you love is probably as exhausted as you, and even if they’re not, they shouldn’t have to pick up your dirty socks, move a couch by themselves, or take the kids to soccer practice just because you did a little work. If you’re really tired, ask your spouse to trade or defer chores. Or better yet, just do whatever it is quickly, so you can have time to relax and enjoy each other’s time together.

Getting An Ex Girlfriend Back!

Getting over powerful feelings, and "getting and ex girlfriend back," could be an extraordinarily hard task to do.

Even after a bit your heart keeps longing for her, but on the other hand your intelligence tells you that getting back together may cause you pointless misery and sufferings. The end of the relationship leaves you with a wide range of emotions that include anger, pain, confusion, and longing to have your ex back in your arms again.

You have to acknowledge all the mistakes you have made and what you are prepared to do to get your relationship back on track. There are two ways of working with this.

Either let your feelings assume control and become unhappy and mope around for a long-lasting period. Or you can pick yourself up and try "getting an ex girlfriend back."

One of the most significant things that you can do to get yourself to get back with your ex is to accept the situation for the moment.

Blaming the other person during and after the break up is an example of the major reasons behind these bad feelings. "How could she do this me?", is a typical question.

Give them time to miss you. If you've been together for any period of time they're not going to just forget you over night. Also another thing you need to bear in mind is don't act to desperate.

That can be a genuine turn off. Don't cry or beg them to take you back. This gives them a feeling of power and control over you and makes you appear desperate.

Remember, the most sensible thing you can do is to realize and come to terms with the fact that the only things you can work on and change are your own actions and behaviors, nothing more.

Following a step by step proven system will greatly increase you chances of "getting an ex girlfriend back."