Aug 18, 2010

how to get your EX Back 18th August

If a relation has to end, this is where the agony starts. Millions of people are in this situation encountering the same degree of pain because of the break up.

Take actions and do something about the situation. Do not be the shadow of your ex girl friend. Regain self-respect and confidence. Do not blame yourself for the break up. Feel good and build your confidence to make your ex girl friend desire for you.

Spend time with or without your friends working out, go out with your friends, and look good always. When developing your confidence, be busy with your friends. There are so many ways on how to get your girl friend back. You may only exchange more hurtful words and cause irreparable damage - and that is not the best way on how to get your girl back.

Don't let your girl catch you partying (and with another girl too!) so soon after you both hit the brakes. (Hint: girls do not want to crawl back, but you do.)

The last thing you would need is a blow-by-blow, seven page litany from your girl as to why things are not working out between the two of you. Pointing out to each other's faults is not a great way to start the mending process.

How to get your girl back 101: never confront her with a "let's talk" demand; but at the same time, never give in to her demand as well. If you feel like the time has come when you should make your move, approach her someplace private. When Eddie's girl of 3 years walked out the door, he let her have ample time to think things through. (Naturally,) For future reference: if you feel like this girl is worth everything you are going through, try this for change. The age of problem of being so close to a girl that you love that she only considers her your friend and therefore has no intention of ever seeing you as a potential lover. How to get a friend to be your girlfriend is all about image you see. The reason for this is that women are biologically hard wired to look for a prime mate. However most girls have no idea this is what they are actually looking for! However knowing their primal urges as women means you have the advantage over other men in her life as long as you fit that primal need in them.

Your brand at the moment is friend, confidant, guy who is there for them, comfortable, brotherly. Women want the brand of "alpha male". You know the stereotype: strong, decisive, manly, and mysterious. It is all about the image you portray at the right times but also having that core confidence as well.

The hard part if that if you know this girl well such a persona may seem very strange if you start acting like that.

So, the trick to get a girl to be your girlfriend is to slowly start re-branding yourself.