Mar 26, 2011


Problems arise in every business and every industry. You have to prove you have those problems? I think every person that walks into my classroom before I talked to him last job title can tell. They were problem solvers to solve a particular problem until they no longer offered and that is why they were let go. And I know what's going to be your next job title. They will be again a problem solver. When you come in search of a job from that angle, it makes work much easier. Study the company. Discover what their problems are, determining how to solve the problem and will tell you that you can solve. Bingo, you have a job! Bottom feeders miss it every time because they are so focused on their problems. Keep firmly in mind the next point, and you will not be a problem of marketing yourself. "You do not get benefits if you can not sell with the need." What you gain a bit in the way they need their own problems or does not will not matter. "

They say that people only buy two things: good feelings and solve problems. In order for you to get an interview, your resume to an employer for a solution has problems. Good feelings in the interview came when they think you will be the best solution to your problem. Because being a great problem solver is a strong selling point, it is important to you that you are that kind of staff that know how. To do that, I suggest you use the STAR format to demonstrate their skills. Position, function battle, and results. Describe a situation or problem that you or your company suffered. Necessary to describe the tasks or steps you believe will bring about a happy conclusion. Describe the action steps you actually took. Finally, the results inform the interviewer. Example: A customer came in at the end of the day, all in a panic because he was just a job interview first thing the next morning and called to get an updated resume with them described. We are simply there to start new again had not had time to stop. Client was very upset. Getting an employee to work to live beyond their normal working hours without the client's resume before the interview was to find new production way. My action to take down the pertinent information from the customer at home is to complete the new resume that evening at my own time. The result is a very happy and grateful customer that went to the interview with confidence.