Jul 5, 2009

How to Win Ex Back - 7 Steps in Battle for Her Heart

Do you know how to win ex back? I am going to show you 7 steps to battle for her heart. You see, when a woman has left a man, she more than likely thinks she has a good reason. So prepare, as you are going to battle for her heart. If you win the battle, you will win ex back.

The three phases of a relationship are the beginning, the middle and, optionally, an end. Apparently yours seems to have had all three and is currently in the last. The only debate is whether you are in the middle and just taking a breather or whether it is really over and you are at the end.

If you can get your ex girlfriend to want to start the relationship again from the beginning, you need to be able to work things from the standpoint of a fresh start. Plan out your steps ahead of time, as if preparing for battle, if you want the new relationship to work out better this time around.

First, carefully consider why the two of you broke up. Were there underlying problems from the beginning that hampered your relationship? You need to get those fixed before starting again.

Second, determine why it is that you want your ex back. Is it that you just feel lonely because someone is not around? Maybe any woman will do. But if, on the other hand, you feel as though you have a hole in your heart the size of a city block, and only she could possibly fill it, then we are on to something else.

Third, if she is the person who you need, you need to become the person that she needs and absolutely cannot live without. Recall what you were like when she fell in love with you in the beginning. Have you changed? (Think about this from her perspective.) Did you stop doing interesting things when you devoted all of your time to her? Have you stopped working out and started letting yourself go? Put the emphasis on what she wants in her man and become that man. This is how to win ex back.

Fourth, carefully consider the first thing you say to your ex after the break up. The wrong words can destroy your chances of restoring the relationship. Be sure not to beg her to come back and do not do anything to irritate her and make the situation worse. She probably retains some good feelings for you, even if down deep, and you will not want to do anything to erase this advantage.

Fifth, you can call up on good memories that you both have and use those to your advantage. Talk about the good times and the laughs that you had. If she gave you a special shirt or sweater, maybe consider wearing it when you know she will be around. If possible, even arrange to meet at a place that has meaning for you both for, perhaps for just a drink.

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