Sep 6, 2010

Get a Girlfriend

Yeah, so I’m still working on finding time to do anything. Right now, I’m in the midst of possibly moving out of my place. My husband and I are considering whether to stay together as room-mates or whether to formally seperate. Both have their pros and cons but I think we’ll probably get a new place together as roomies and move into seperate rooms.
Oh, did I tell you? We’re getting divorced. There are two major reasons for this but only one I’m going to share here. Basically, my long-term goals involve moving back to the US. With my brother gone, I’m the only one left to look after my parents when they get old (and they’re not spring chickens right now). However, my husband’s long-term goals involve never living outside of France for longer than he absolutely must.
There’s really not much room for compromise there. So, we’ve decided to recognize that on that basis alone, our marriage is not viable and to split up. We’re still friends and all but, well, our marriage pretty much was just friends who shared space and other things.
So, I’ve been busy apartment hunting instead of working on anything creative. I’ve found a place in a nice area that’s not too far from where I work. We’re going to look at a 3-room this evening that’s also close to where I work and close to a train that my husband could take to get to his place of employment. Honestly, unless the place we look at tonight is a complete dump, we’ll probably take it and be moving in early October. Once we’re settled, we’ll have to meet with the lawyers and all about ending our marriage and what not.
My guild is still continuing apace. We’re hoping to get back settled in our regular raiding routine once everyone gets back from various end-of-summer vacations. We’re filling up on tanks but still need to find a few more healers and ranged DPS. Melee DPS is good so far, when everyone’s around, at least. We’re hoping to clear some ICC10 heroic modes, nail Anub’arak in 10 hc, and get Algalon before Cataclysm comes out.
On top of that, well, my family situation is making me want to tear my hair out. I’m not going to go into detail here but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever really “get out” of the place I grew up. Don’t get me wrong. My parents are great people and I love them to death. But, well…I’d rather be dissected without anethesia than move back to that state and have to live with people who’s greatest ambitions in life are to never learn anything after kindergarten. >< It’s just not my cup of tea. However, my folks aren’t doing so great and I may have to bite the bullet, give up a job that I love, and move back to a place that I hate in order to take care of them. Oh yeah, sure, I could hire a nurse or whatever to do that on a daily basis but the way I was raised was that parents take care of their kids early on and kids return the favor when the parents are elderly.
My brother and I had a deal that he would do that so that I could get out. He liked living there. He got on with the people over there. He fit in. I didn’t. But, he’s gone so that deal is off. I guess I shouldn’t have relied on him to do that. The little shit was always finding a way for me to have to do his share of the work on top of my own. The whole time we were growing up I did his chores and mine because I got sick of getting yelled at for his stuff not being done.
However, my niece’s mother and her girlfriend are breaking up and my niece’s mom (hereafter called “Sissy” because I’m sick of the possessive case already) has moved in with my folks. So, maybe Sissy will stick around and take care of them so I don’t have to go back there full-time. If she does that, then I could try to work out additional leave from work to go back and take care of things when they needed doing. I’ll have to talk with Sissy about this soon. It would really suck for me to sign a lease with an apartment and then have to turn right back around and leave because I need to go back to my point of origin.
All in all, there are good reasons for why I’m not doing much right now. Once I get a new place and get settled and have my own room (so that my husband isn’t constantly distracting me with the TV on or “hey, you gotta see this thing I just found on YouTube…” or chattering at me when I finally put on my headset and turn on WinAmp so I can focus and getting pissy because I get annoyed that he can’t take a hint), I should be able to crank out a lot more work that’s been piling up in my mental drawers.
And, eventually, I’ll work up the nerve to ask my parents what I need to ask them.
And now…back to work.

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