Jul 26, 2011

3 Killer Diseases You Need To Know About

There was a time when you probably go about twice a little overweight, smoking, drinking and partying late at night did not.Men and women are more aware that the environment can change and unhealthy lifestyles are, and do, affect health. Here are the top three killer diseases are more you should know about:

Heart Diseases

The main ones being the stroke and heart attacks nearly 17 million people annually worldwide • cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are affected by. Heart problems, are in fact, the No. 1 cause of death and of any age or background can affect both men and women. If you smoke, or lead a sedentary lifestyle do not follow a balanced diet, you can become a part of the data.CVDs other things that contribute to obesity, stress, hypertension and diabetes.


• Almost every day, approximately 20,000 people worldwide die from cancer. The disease has now become one of the most common of CVDs. Breast, lung, colon, and uterus and prostate, lung, stomach, bladder, mouth, throat and stomach cancer, cancer of men, women, men and women suffer from different types of cancer. Every day we hear that a new or cancer have been found to cause stress. Some of these are controllable.


• about 33 and half million people living with HIV world-wide at the moment. AIDS is the final stage of the disease that is caused by HIV, which the body susceptible to other diseases and immunity to infection is broken. A common cold can be fatal. It is contagious and three decades after the world came to learn it, yet found a cure. However, many people with HIV access to antiretroviral medications in the long run by keeping yourself healthy and live fulfilling lives. Gay and bisexual men in the highest risk group. You have unprotected sex with a dirty / used needles by using their open wounds by getting in the blood of an infected person through blood transfusion, HIV / AIDS, can contract.

Just three of the many diseases that kill, the others being infectious diseases, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diarrhea and measles. Ironically, most can be cured or prevented. You are the only person responsible for your health. If you have not already, it's time you started exercising and eating healthy.

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