Aug 20, 2010

How To Date Women – Keep The Spark Of Chemistry

By: Stefan V. Gotffried

Should you already interested in how to date women, I guess you already have a prospect in your mind and you think that she's somewhat attracted to you too. In this stage, you have a chance to show her that you are an independent and fun man to be with and make her wish to be a part of your life. Note that conveying yourself as an independent and fun man does not mean you should try hard to impress her with fake attitude and expensive gifts.

By "independent", I imply that you need to stop asking for her approval on anything such as "amusing isn't it?" or "did you have fun?"; have confidence on yourself and lead the way. Turn into a man that can fix his own difficulty, don't complaining about your problem in front of her and perceive yourself as a man she can rely on.

Also, DO NOT attempting to impress her with cash. Many guys will immediately pull their credit card as soon as they see the woman they like point on an item in a shopping mall. However, if you're trying to buy a woman's heart with cash, you get a shoppoholic woman and it'll lead to further problems sometime soon. Moreover, she may ditch you instantly if you have gone bankrupt or get fired from your high-class job.

By "fun", I am not saying that you need to learn 101 jokes and humor. Jokes and humor will flow effortlessly from anyone who already knows how to date women appropriately. Just be playful, tease her, mess with her, and keep flirting. Focus the conversation on her opinion and steer clear of "yes-no" question like a plague. Try to throw one or two imaginary question like "if you can decide on where to live, where would that be?" to learn about her character and how she sees live. Keep building attraction and emotional connection with her by speaking about her passion and desire. Also, make her know you a bit better by talking about your interest and look for common characteristics among the two of you.

Despite having "I'm fun to be with" attitude, your date will heading nowhere if you can't create the "spark of chemistry". Do not expect your woman to do this; you as the man must lead and make the date keep interesting and fun. Try to have more physical contact such as holding hands, putting your arm around her waist, or kissing her cheek. If she's comfortable with your touch, you might be able to proceed further on the following date (or even later on in the night).

It's not necessary to study 101 tips on how to date women to keep your girl pleased. Just be sure she's having fun during her time with you and keep moving to the next level. Make her having fun isn't nearly enough; you have to make stronger connection with her, both emotionally and physically. Basically, you'll want people that looked at the two of you thinking "he is dating her" instead of "they are only friends having fun together". If you are unable to express this message, you might even find yourself a rival; this is very likely to happen, particularly in a club where plenty of guys are coming to get themselves a hot chick. By realizing and doing what's right, this will not happen to you.

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