Aug 20, 2010

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

By: Vicenta Strop

Nothing can be as taxing as going through a break up. There are some instances though when break ups can be lifesavers (like when you need to get away from psycho babe).

But if you really fell for the ex, then you'd be in quite a situation right now. Moving on might be the passive remedy to getting over a broken heart but the road less traveled is the one which involves ways to get your ex girlfriend back.

Women are usually more forgiving when it comes to making up after a break up because they tend to focus on the relationship and everything that they have put into it.

This is why if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, all you need is to employ some subtle moves.

Just like in love, there are different rules involved in making up. The golden rule when it comes to the latter is that one must never try to contact an ex so early on after the break up because this usually gets read as desperation which translates to pathetic.

And your ex will undoubtedly keep her distance immediately after the break up but if you want to really make her feel that you still care for her very much, you need to make the first move.

But if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to be the first one to reach out to her. By reaching out, I don't mean that you pay her a surprise visit to her office.

Sending a simple text message or probably sending her a short e-mail is enough to make her know that even if you still care about her. She'll probably be entertaining suitors so it's important that she still knows that you're there.

Moving on to the next rule which includes seeing other women. Your ex will probably think that there's nothing wrong with you dating other women because technically, you are broken up. But if you want her to see you as a prospect and not as another ex, stay away from hooking up with other women. Good night kisses are fine but word will get to her that you spent the night at some girl's place.

Finally, make her feel that you still hold a special place for her in her heart by sending your greetings for every special occasion. Women can't resist being remembered.

Women want to know that they are remembered and still cared for.

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